1 de octubre de 2013

First English class in 2013

Micky introduced himself this morning in our class. 

We met him Today. He is from a village closed to London (U.K.). He came to Spain three years ago.

He introduced himself and then he told us why he wanted to study and learn Spanish.
He explained us that the English language is so peculiar and funny that we can have a group of words all ending the same way but not being read in the same manner. So let's have a look to them:
-         Bough (n)                       rama
-         Tough (adj)                    duro, rígido
-         Though (conj)                aunque
-         Cough (n)                      tos
-         Through (prep)              a través
-         Thorough (adj)              meticuloso, concienzudo
-         Hiccough  (n)                hipo

Then Micky asked the students about their short term plans and about studying at our High School.
We learned some interesting words that will be part of the First Unit. Here they are:
Job opportunity
High School
Sign up
Organizational diagram
Positive reinforcement

I asked how many students like studying in la Rosaleda. Nine out of nine said they do like it. Then I asked again how many students like studying Hospitality.  Five out of nine said they liked it.

Finally we told him about Magdaleda’s team and their plans……..
We learnt and enjoyed ourselves a lot!

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